Thursday, 28 August 2014

Non Craft Post - Beauty Post

hi y'all...
It's been a while since my last post. I am sorry for that...!!
Long story short....I went back to school so all  my attention was focusing on the study. I was planning to finish it as soon as possible. As a matter of fact, last July I finished it with 1 semester faster than it should be. Woohoooo....

I have been very busy with promoting something that I fell in love with since first time I saw it and tried it. It's an awesome product lines. There is 1 product that is the anchor of entire product line. It's called 3D Fiber Mascara. It is absolutely will blow your mind how this product can increase volume and length of your natural lashes by 300%...
Yes read it right! three times!!!
Come on must admit that mascara is a pretty big deal. 
You can put a blush on, a lipgloss on or the eyeshadow on but if you don't put on a'll kinda look a bit dull, won't you? BUT...
if you only put mascara on and nothing'll still look good.
I am a big fan of limited make up for my day to day look. Normally I only put on my mascara and a bit of lipgloss and that's it. 
With 3D Fiber Mascara it does give you a better lift to your face.
a lil' bit of a trivia here....
Do you know that long & thick lashes does give you an illusion of a facelift?? Yes it does!!
as I said before...3D Fiber mascara gives better lift to your face and you'll look fresher. That is my testimony of how good this product is. 
It is Natural Fiber from Green Tea Fiber, great for contact lenses user and sensitive eyes as it won't irritate your eyes. It is water resistant (note please it's is not waterproof), therefore endures sweat and tears but very EASY to remove/clean with only normal make up remover and facewash soap+water. HOW GOOD IS THAT!!???!!

There are HUGE buzz currently in all places where this product available: USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND and soon in October...UK will be having the privilege as well. Hopefully other countries or continent will be joining soon!
Demand is very high and every ladies I know just want to have that AH-MAZING LASHES!!
You can order from anywhere in the world through 1 link.
If you want you can also create a link to host a party where you'll get a reward as a party host as well. All done online from the comfort of your home. 
To create party link go here

Prices for this Fab-Lashes 3D Fiber Mascara:
$29 USA / $35 CAN / $38 AUS / $40 NZ and price for UK coming soon in october.
it also comes with 14days money back guarantee but I am positive that y'all going to love it!!!

Shoot me any questions and if you are interested to become an independent presenter like myself, you can sign up through my link here . Let me know and I will personally guide you and we have a great team support as well.

Now..I am going to throw you pictures...some of them are my pics. What better way to show you other than my pics, right!

first half lashed eye with 3D Fiber Mascara(the other one with normal mascara). Can u guess which one with 3D Fiber Mascara? too obvious isn't it??

Second up is  both eyes using 3D Fiber mascara (maybe it is not that showing here). Click on the picture perhaps to get bigger picture to see.

How about a closer look?? only 1 eye with 3D Fiber Mascara and the other with normal mascara. Again...guess which one which??

Another closer look with both eyes using 3D Fiber mascara

... thanks lovelies ...

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