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Friday, 29 January 2016

I am kind of back...

Hey you.... 
 How are you all? 
I know that I have been MIA for almost 1.5 years.... (I know!!!) 
I guess life just got in a way for me to spare some time to blog. 

Happy New Year All (kinda late, isn't it? oh well....) 
I am back to blogging world...(well kind of...) 
I don't want to say that I am back and will post regularly. 
So I am just going to just be and hopefully I do have some spare time to dedicate some time to blog.

Kids are back to school!!( there goes my summer relaxing school holiday..) 
 It only means that no more sleep ins, no more calm morning instead.... 
the morning chaos is back officially this coming Monday. 
These last 2 days been an easy ones (transition situation, I reckon) 

Did I achieve anything during Kid's summer break? 
Definitely YES!!! 
I have been planning for I don't know how long to do some remodelling for my oldest daughter's room. AND....
I can proudly say that it is finally shaping up. 
We still have few things to do but liking the look of it now. 
Unfortunately I forgot to do before photo so I reckon there'll be no after photo as well. 
Sorry...I know I should have some pic to share :( 

 No cards to share as yet. But I hope I do in future time. 

Once again Welcome 2016 and I believe the best is yet to come in 2016!!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Non Craft Post - Beauty Post

hi y'all...
It's been a while since my last post. I am sorry for that...!!
Long story short....I went back to school so all  my attention was focusing on the study. I was planning to finish it as soon as possible. As a matter of fact, last July I finished it with 1 semester faster than it should be. Woohoooo....

I have been very busy with promoting something that I fell in love with since first time I saw it and tried it. It's an awesome product lines. There is 1 product that is the anchor of entire product line. It's called 3D Fiber Mascara. It is absolutely will blow your mind how this product can increase volume and length of your natural lashes by 300%...
Yes ladies...you read it right! three times!!!
Come on now...you must admit that mascara is a pretty big deal. 
You can put a blush on, a lipgloss on or the eyeshadow on but if you don't put on a mascara....you'll kinda look a bit dull, won't you? BUT...
if you only put mascara on and nothing else...you'll still look good.
I am a big fan of limited make up for my day to day look. Normally I only put on my mascara and a bit of lipgloss and that's it. 
With 3D Fiber Mascara it does give you a better lift to your face.
a lil' bit of a trivia here....
Do you know that long & thick lashes does give you an illusion of a facelift?? Yes it does!!
as I said before...3D Fiber mascara gives better lift to your face and you'll look fresher. That is my testimony of how good this product is. 
It is Natural Fiber from Green Tea Fiber, great for contact lenses user and sensitive eyes as it won't irritate your eyes. It is water resistant (note please it's is not waterproof), therefore endures sweat and tears but very EASY to remove/clean with only normal make up remover and facewash soap+water. HOW GOOD IS THAT!!???!!

There are HUGE buzz currently in all places where this product available: USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND and soon in October...UK will be having the privilege as well. Hopefully other countries or continent will be joining soon!
Demand is very high and every ladies I know just want to have that AH-MAZING LASHES!!
You can order from anywhere in the world through 1 link.
If you want you can also create a link to host a party where you'll get a reward as a party host as well. All done online from the comfort of your home. 
To create party link go here

Prices for this Fab-Lashes 3D Fiber Mascara:
$29 USA / $35 CAN / $38 AUS / $40 NZ and price for UK coming soon in october.
it also comes with 14days money back guarantee but I am positive that y'all going to love it!!!

Shoot me any questions and if you are interested to become an independent presenter like myself, you can sign up through my link here . Let me know and I will personally guide you and we have a great team support as well.

Now..I am going to throw you pictures...some of them are my pics. What better way to show you other than my pics, right!

first up...my half lashed eye with 3D Fiber Mascara(the other one with normal mascara). Can u guess which one with 3D Fiber Mascara? too obvious isn't it??

Second up is  both eyes using 3D Fiber mascara (maybe it is not that showing here). Click on the picture perhaps to get bigger picture to see.

How about a closer look?? only 1 eye with 3D Fiber Mascara and the other with normal mascara. Again...guess which one which??

Another closer look with both eyes using 3D Fiber mascara

... thanks lovelies ...

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Cards from left over scraps Part 3

Hi y'all...

I am writting this post to be scheduled for this weekend to continue my series on Cards that I made from left over scraps found on my craft table. I will be in Colour Conference over the weekend and I am excited for it! I will be meeting up with close friends and have a blast at the conference.
I hope y'all have a lovely weekend as well...

Now to cards...
You can check out Part 1 and Part 2 as well.

Now...we are on Part 3 and here goes...


All Supplies are Stampin Up! to get online catalogue or to order SU! products please email this address: orderstampinup@gmail.com
* "Light Tomorrow with Today" Sentiment is from Verve Stamps *

Hope you Enjoy my Part 3 and catch you back here next time...

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Card from Scraps Part 2

It's a beautiful day....
Spent today with friends...great company, awesome food, lovely conversation!!
 Love it!!

Now to Part 2 of my cards made from scraps! As you know from my previous post, today I'm going to share with you some more...

Here goes...

Btw...My DD1 gave this card for her friend who had a b'day party on last saturday.
It is nice to have a stash of B'day cards ready if you are in hurry. Last saturday my daughter went to her friend's bday party. We were in hurry so she quickly grab the above card. It was on top pile of cards freshly made that she spotted straight away on my craft table....LOL!!

All Stampin Up Products! if you do want to order SU! products please email the following address: orderstampinup@gmail.com

Hope you enjoy my Part 2 and see you soon ...

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Cards from left over scraps Part 1

Hi y'all.....
Hope you have an awesome day so far...
My days have been a bit more organised this last two weeks.
There are some changes within my household - reorganising some rooms and moving some furniture around.
I was so excited when we (actually more of my plan) planned about room changes. I moved all my craft stuff to a new section. Bigger and better room for my craft playroom (yeay!!!)
So I have been busy (nice kind of busy) moving all my toys to a new a room. I also added a table and giving myself more space to work with.(double yeay!!)
I will post some pictures of the room on my later post....
 I found so many scraps on my table from my last project...So I made a promise to do cards using those scraps to clear all that scrumptious scraps out of my table. So you can say that I am on a mission here....(LOL)

I will share all cards that I made so far with those scraps and here...I present you Part 1 of the collection..
(drum roll....)

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Hope you enjoy my Part 1 and see you on the Part 2 ...

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Birthday card for Rina

Ouchhh!! it's been a lil' while since my last post...(again!!). It's been crazy summer holiday here in my household. Kids are back to school now and hoping that i can at least have more time to make regular posts to share things I've created. 
It's not that I didn't make anything, is just that I do forget to take picture of my handmades. 

Luckily for this post....my beautiful friend Rina Damay has sent me this picture of card that I made for her birthday. Hence the date for this post, her actual birthday is January 26 ( the exact date where we had public holiday here to celebrate Australia Day ; means I have a free day to do this card and was sending it a day after her actual birthday)
Anyway....Thank you Rina for taking time to share me this picture (since I was in hurry and forgot to take picture before I sent it away)

Here it is.....
Photo Courtesy of Rina Damay
All Stampin' Up Products and you can order SU! products by emailing this address: orderstampinup@gmail.com.

Thank you for looking,

Sunday, 23 December 2012

DIY Birthday Pressie

Hi all...

It's me again to share an easy DIY for birthday presents....

I made this for a daughter of my friend who celebrated her 4th B'day.
Bought her complete fairy costume and customized Top.
Bought plain top in pink colour and design with Silhouette Designer Studio and cut using my Silhouette.

Been having lots of Birthday parties where I keep doing this DIY customized Shirts both for girls and boys. Unfortunately no pictures to show you what I've been making since totally forgot to take photo of the end result....Luckily I didn't forget to take photo of this one. At least I have 1 pic to show y'all...

Hope you are inspired to do an easy personallised DIY for your family and/or friends.


Monday, 10 December 2012

DIY for Teachers


I'm back again with another DIY. Got the idea from my blog hopping and so in love with the awesome idea/suggestion.

The end of the year for school + Summer Holiday + Christmas Holiday is almost here. I would love to come up/find something that is useful, personalised, adorable and won't cost me too much. I need to prepare 4 for 4 excellent teachers in my kids primary school.

This amazing idea found at the right time for me.
Kids also had fun when they helped me in making this gorgeous pressies.
Btw...I stick ferrero rocher in the middle of the flowers just before we give it away to each teacher.(the rocher is not in the picture)

The pencils are very useful for teachers as they sometimes bought class supplies from their own pocket. It is very personalised and using a recycled can and incorporating papercraft as well! Love it!!

Hope you enjoy and be inspired!