Thursday, 8 March 2018

Our Greatest Glory is...

Persistance is the Key.
Look at your failure in a positive way
as a lesson learned
and never ever give up.
I believe something good will come out of that!

Pen Used for this:
in Blue and Grey

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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Imagine, Achieve, Dream, Become!

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This quote by William Arthur Ward is so awesome.
It push us to dream big and not only dream it..
it also gives hope that everything is possible if
we want to put hard work into 
whatever we imagine
and dream.

Dream Big and Reach High!

Loving the Vibrant Metallic Colours from
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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

It is not 'What' but 'How'...

Hi there...

I made this while waiting 
for my son's Zone Swimming Comp.
His comp result didn't as he expected
it would be.
He was a little upset about it.
He came over and saw this quote
and then I explained to him
that this quote is a true representation
for this kind of situation.
So it's not about what happens with his result.
(It's the past now!)
But now...HOW he can use this result
to react in a positive way.
To push him harder.
Maybe by practice harder or more prepared.
To do it better next opportunity comes.

Also a reminder for us in any situation,
Good or bad (especially in a bad situation),
It's how we react that matters

Pen used:
Artline Stix in black
and Artline Supreme 0.4
Lettered it on Daiso Dotted Notebook.
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Monday, 26 February 2018

Hard Work beats Talent

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Having talent is awesome.
Some have few talents, others plenty of talent.
Talent without hard work is nothing.
What you do with your talent is what important.
If you do nothing with it...
that talent will become nothing
If you put hard work into your talent,
it will blossom!
Don't you think so?

Just a simple black and white lettering from me
using Artline Supreme 0.4 and Pentel Touch Brush Pen

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Thursday, 22 February 2018

My Home is in Heaven

Howdy ...

This morning I woke up
to the news that Billy Graham pass away.
It is so sad...
The world mourn for a loss...
Heaven is rejoicing
to welcome one of its faithful servant
back home!

Here I lettered one of Billy Graham Quote:
"My home is in Heaven. I am just traveling through this world"

Sometimes in life we need to remember that
our real home is back in Heaven.
We are in a journey here on this Earth
but eventually...we'll end up in 
our real home...for Eternity.

Just a simple one here using Pentel Touch Brush Pen in black.
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