Friday, 17 November 2017

Instagram Handlettering @papierkreation

Hi there again...

Back with 2 of my latest lettering creation that I uploaded
into @papierkreation instagram account.

The lettering style on "Think Positive" is my oldest fave style.
Way back to when I was in Junior High (many and many years ago...HA!),
I love doing handletter especially during class.
This particular style..., Big capital word and lovely faux calligraphy on the inside,
is often used on so many of my lettering doodle.
The calligraphy word is like blending into the big word.
...Love it...

The 2nd creation is just a simple brush lettering
on kindness and simple what I called Sans Serif on changes everything.
I was using:
Pentel Touch Brush Pen
Staedler Pencil

well...hope you like it
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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

God fights for You

A simple lettering from me on this piece

Blessed Assurance to know that We need not fear as
It is the Lord Our God that will be fighting for us

I misspelt the Verse. Deutronomy instead of the correct one Deuteronomy.
excuse me for that...HA!

This is using brown colour of Pentel Brush Touch Pen

Enjoy your day and I'll see you on the next post

Let All that you do be done in Love

It is beautiful here in Sydney...
Beautiful Spring Day
How's the weather over at your part of the world?

Another Bible Verse Lettering from me over at  intagram @dj_jeane.
Check it out.

This bible verse teaches us on how to do all things with LOVE.
It reminds us that God love us so much that it ought to motivate and inspire us
to do all things out of our gratefulness on how great our God's love for us.
How good is that...

I love it!! and hope you do too
excuse the wrong verse lettered on this creation.
The right verse: 1 Corinthians 16 : 14

Lettered using Black Pentel Brush Touch Pen
That is all for me today...
See you on my next post

Let Your speech always be Gracious

Hi there...

I got another Bible Verse Lettering @dj_jeane instagram account.

This verse talks about how we should conduct ourselves with others. 
It teaches us how to act with wisdom with our interactions with others. 
To take every opportunity of that interactions as precious or special.
It also give an understanding to be gracious and pleasant when we talk
or communicate with others.
Lettering using:

Hope you like it too.
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Lettering Journey documented

How are you all...?

It's has been pretty hectic here with close to december.
It means that most of kids' activities also near the end of it.
My daughter Dance concert finally done last weekend.
Soccer Trials also done.
There are few practices for drama and performance for few community Christmas Events.

while waiting for those kiddos activities, I have been busy lettering
to join couple of challenges available for November.
They all up on @papierkreation instagram account.

Here they are:

And I am so happy that one of them featured in @createinspirepositivity

Lettering using:
Brush Pen from Daiso

Hope you enjoy this
catch you back again on my next post