Friday, 29 January 2016

I am kind of back...

Hey you.... 
 How are you all? 
I know that I have been MIA for almost 1.5 years.... (I know!!!) 
I guess life just got in a way for me to spare some time to blog. 

Happy New Year All (kinda late, isn't it? oh well....) 
I am back to blogging world...(well kind of...) 
I don't want to say that I am back and will post regularly. 
So I am just going to just be and hopefully I do have some spare time to dedicate some time to blog.

Kids are back to school!!( there goes my summer relaxing school holiday..) 
 It only means that no more sleep ins, no more calm morning instead.... 
the morning chaos is back officially this coming Monday. 
These last 2 days been an easy ones (transition situation, I reckon) 

Did I achieve anything during Kid's summer break? 
Definitely YES!!! 
I have been planning for I don't know how long to do some remodelling for my oldest daughter's room. AND....
I can proudly say that it is finally shaping up. 
We still have few things to do but liking the look of it now. 
Unfortunately I forgot to do before photo so I reckon there'll be no after photo as well. 
Sorry...I know I should have some pic to share :( 

 No cards to share as yet. But I hope I do in future time. 

Once again Welcome 2016 and I believe the best is yet to come in 2016!!

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