Tuesday, 1 February 2011

How to create a Faux Silk Effect

G'day to you...

As i promised...i will try my best to explain how to create this faux silk effect that i used on my card HERE
What is a faux silk effect? One of the reasons why we love silk is because its smooth texture and its ability to refract light. It gives a lil' bit of sophistication to your creation.
So this technique basically to give a closest look/feel to the silk. Nothing beats the real thing, though! (hahahaa...)

What you need is: a piece of tissue paper, Card stock , stamp and ink.  

You can stamp an image or using a card stock with this technique. If you want to create a faux silk effect with your stamped images, my suggestion is to work with bolder images. Firstly You stamped your image on a light coloured card stock (Just to make sure that you can see the image through the tissue paper). Then gently crinkle a piece of tissue paper and then flatten it back out (if you choose not to crinkle it, that will do as well). After that, you cover your image and card stock with adhesive. Lastly, you adhere the tissue paper to your card stock and trim the excess. (make sure you adhere the glossy side to the adhesive and use the smoother side on the outside.)
*some Quotations from SU! January 2011 Impressions for the faux silk effect how to's*

I didn't work with stamped image for my pink-ish valentine's card. Instead, i was using the 'i love you' card stock for this faux silk effect. why i choose it, because the colours is very bold and i like to soften it a bit using this technique.
If you have any questions or maybe my explanation wasn't clear enough, don't hesitate to give me a shout!
Hopefully you are inspired and want to give it a try yourself!

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