Monday, 10 December 2012

DIY for Teachers


I'm back again with another DIY. Got the idea from my blog hopping and so in love with the awesome idea/suggestion.

The end of the year for school + Summer Holiday + Christmas Holiday is almost here. I would love to come up/find something that is useful, personalised, adorable and won't cost me too much. I need to prepare 4 for 4 excellent teachers in my kids primary school.

This amazing idea found at the right time for me.
Kids also had fun when they helped me in making this gorgeous pressies.
Btw...I stick ferrero rocher in the middle of the flowers just before we give it away to each teacher.(the rocher is not in the picture)

The pencils are very useful for teachers as they sometimes bought class supplies from their own pocket. It is very personalised and using a recycled can and incorporating papercraft as well! Love it!!

Hope you enjoy and be inspired!

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