Saturday, 30 April 2011

Scraps storage

It's Saturday and this saturday Basketball season is starting. That means i am back to normal taking Jess to her game every saturday morning. She had a break for last season to prepare for her selective High School test. The problem is it clashes with JD's soccer game. Luckily, she can take care of herself and hang out at the basketball stadium (practice or hang out with her friend) if i'm still at JD's soccer. After we came back from games, i took some pics for this post.

I have had peeps asking what i did with my scraps. Of course i keep it! I will not throw any away...not even lil' bit piece of papers...a...a...NO Way! I'm keeping all...(LOL)
You never know that you might need it someday! keep my storage not taking so much space (out of my itty bitty craft corner), i found using Copy sheet protector for all my scraps is very handy. Yes...Copy Sheet Protectors and probably you have seen this similar method somewhere through your blog hopping.'s a very cheap way for storage solution (love it!).
Anyhow...I will just let the pictures explain itself.

Here is the expandable file folder that i have used to organize my plastic protectors filled with scraps. This particular folder (the lime green folder) is home to my current Stampin' Up! scraps. I've got other folders for retired SU! scraps, Patterend Paper Scraps, etc. It is very easy and efficient to colour coded everything so you won't get mixed up/confused(wasting your precious time). Before this....i got boxes for large sheet scraps and smaller paper scraps. It didn't work...not efficient at all.
 Here you can see 1 pocket is for 2 colours(again for economical reason). Back pockets on left row is for my Neutrals. Front pockets on second row from left is for Brights. and next row is Regals collection. The last row(in front of Neutrals pockets; right-end row is for Subtles.

   As you can see..i just need to pull out the plastic sheet of particular colour that i want to use. That way give me easy access to my scraps and when am finish with it, i just need to put the plastic sheet back to its place.

Here is a sample of Tempting Turquoise scraps in its plastic sheet.

Currently i am happy with this solution but give me a hoot if you got other ideas. (cheers!)

Hope it helps and give you some idea of storage solutions. Next time i will come back with more posts of other storage solutions that i applies in my craft corner. 'til next time...


  1. Thank you, Jeane..
    And, I just knew you have this blog. I'll scroll to find what you have here. I bet they are wonderful as usual.

  2. Jeane, thanks for this storage idea. I will hunt some box as you had above.. reaally nice idea.