Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Happy Valentine's day, friend.......

Love is in the air....It's Valentine's Day! Hey there, beautiful...

I found out that my friend (Tane) were going back to Indonesia like couple of days before she went. She came from a town called Cirebon in west Java. I got thinking that i could probably ask her to bring a little something for my crafter friends back in Indonesia. Fortunately, one of my Indo's crafter friend (ka' Dwita Siregar) lives in the same town as to where Tane is going. by the way...I asked Tane and she said she is willing to bring those goodies back with her. (YAY...thank you so very much, Tane!)
oh...i almost forgot to thank ka' Dwita.Thank you ka' for your help in picking up those goodies from Tane and bring it to Jakarta for the get together.
Some of my Indo crafter friends are going to get together on the 15th of Feb right after Valentine's day. I was thinking to make them a valentine's day card and lil' goodies for them. 
Since i got very lil' time to make something, i grabbed cards that i have already made before that can be use for valentine's theme. I need approximately like 9 of those. Some of you might recognised the card from my Fundraising collection for Breast Cancer. Lucky for me it is can be re-use and match perfectly as valentine's day cards. Anyway...here is the cards:

And i can't think of something better to accompany a cardmaker other than "Embellishments". So i went and grab my newest stash and share the love with my friends. Here is what i packaged for them (not much just a lil' something)

I hope they had an awesome time getting together and sharing. Hope they like what i sent them. Happy Valentine's Day, My Friend!! and Happy Valentine's day to y'all!!

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