Sunday, 9 January 2011

more tools and supplies...

hi there peeps,

Today's post is going to talk about my latest shopping spree..ahahhaah....
oke...i need to tell you the full story and here goes...
My Brother in law was going to Houston for his work in early October and what a better opportunity for me to shop craft tools+supplies from the states since it is free shipping for US address.
My plan is to send all my shopping to his hotel address in Houston.
He then will bring it all my goodies to Jakarta. In december My Brother who lives in Sydney will be going on a x'mas holiday to Jakarta and he promised to bring all my goodies back to Sydney with him.(what a good plan that is...i just need to be patient waiting to get my hands on those goodies)
long story short...i got my goodies sooner than i thought because we were suddenly had to go back to Jakarta for a family wedding. I am overjoyed! ahahahaha....

Anyway....I just got time to make a post about this after i came back to Sydney.
here are the goodies that i purchased while back in October.
I have been wanting to own a crop a dile since ages ago. I've been holding myself not to buy any until i found this Lime Green crop a dile. It is divine!! I reckon my waiting for this is well worth it!!

Finally....i got my own zutter bind it all. I couldnt find any bargain here in Sydney until i bought this one. Unfortunately after i ordered it from the states, i found some bargain over at the spotlight(online). I have no regret at all since i've got extra goodies with this deal.
PTI Stamps...and dies....WOW!!!
I have been contemplating whether to buy PTI products sooner or later and finally i bought them eventually after longing for a while. I totally love their stamp sets. The good thing is their clear stamps doesn't stained after i used it. I haven't got time on trying it using dark inks like black or brown but so stain after i inked 'em.
The other point that i love, they got matching dies for some of their sets. huhuy...loving it!!
So...keep checking back here with more creations coming up using PTI's sets

Another products that i've been looking, adoring and wanting for a lil' while. In this opportunity i didn't forget to purchase them. Luckily for me some of them were on sale when i purchased it. Gotta love any bargain, ey!

Lastly....These are extra stuff that i got from the bind-it-all zutter bundle deal

I guess...i will stop here and continue later in a week to share some pics of my other spending spree while i was in Jakarta. 

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  1. u shopped many stamps in a great deal as well> Smart buyer!!