Friday, 16 February 2018


"There is nothing like staying home
for real COMFORT."
- Jane Austen -

Hi there...

There is a bit of story behind this creation.
I did the "comfort" blending on thursday at
my daughter's Swimming Carnival.
It was hot day and I have to hide behind umbrella.
Luckily there was quite nice breeze in the morning.
Finished this basically on friday at the mechanic place
while waiting for my car service, took the picture and post it.

This word represent exactly how I felt on this last 2 days. 
I'd rather stay home having real comfort for sure.
But on thursday it was ok since I spent it supporting my daughter.
on friday where I have to be stucked at the mechanic place, 
I definitely having no comfort whatsoever.

anyway...Here it is:

I used:
Artline Supreme 0.4
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