Friday, 17 November 2017

Instagram Handlettering @papierkreation

Hi there again...

Back with 2 of my latest lettering creation that I uploaded
into @papierkreation instagram account.

The lettering style on "Think Positive" is my oldest fave style.
Way back to when I was in Junior High (many and many years ago...HA!),
I love doing handletter especially during class.
This particular style..., Big capital word and lovely faux calligraphy on the inside,
is often used on so many of my lettering doodle.
The calligraphy word is like blending into the big word.
...Love it...

The 2nd creation is just a simple brush lettering
on kindness and simple what I called Sans Serif on changes everything.
I was using:
Pentel Touch Brush Pen
Staedler Pencil

well...hope you like it
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Thanks and catch you again on the next post

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