Thursday, 15 December 2011

A Come back post (non-craft)

Hi all....

Finally...i am back!! Long story short....i moved house early November. I's like a month or so ago but just got time to make a post today. My previous house is leased out at the end of November. It's been great timing since it gives us time to move, cleaning the house (preparing it for tenant), preparing all necessary paperwork, etc. We could have find tenant sooner but we just wanted to make sure that we got the right people renting our house.

We have tried to be very organized with unpacking and setting up everything. Currently i can say it is in decent condition with few boxes to go and few stuff in the garage that need sorting out. Another great thing is my craft corner is finally ready. (yaaaayyy!!!)

I can happily say that my craft corner is back in messy mode. For the last 3 days i've been busy making christmas card and boxes to be given to my kids teacher. It is 10 teachers in total...(yes! i can't believe it either.....10!!!) You could say that i got inky fingers for this past 3 days. 7 teacher received their handmade Christmas card in a box today. 3 more to go for tomorrow. I just need to make 1 more mini magazine holder to put cards in. 

Anyway...that is my quick update on things in my life at the moment. I am definitely miss my craft time and making a post on my blog. I will make a separate post to show you what i have been making for those 10 teachers. I will upload the post early next week since i will be having a busy weekend doing Christmas celebration commitment for different community. 

So....See you again early next week and hope you have a great weekend,

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